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Is claiming PPI compensation your legal right?

Have you been tricked by the banks to take out a Payment Protection Insurance policy? Is the PPI policy on your name ineffective and of no use to you? Were you aware of the mis-selling of PPI to you? What can you do now?

Do you want compensation from the bank that has mis-sold PPI to you, even possibly without your knowledge of it being added on to the cost of your loan or credit card borrowing? You can do something about it and claim for a compensation amount from the bank.

Many people are unaware that claiming for PPI compensation is their legal right. You have the complete right to claim for the compensation from the bank or any other financial company that tricked you and mis-sold the PPI policy as in the UK we are protected as consumers by the law from mis-selling and mis-representation by all service and goods providers.

You have the complete right to investigate your own case and proceed with the matter. If the bank is not responding to your case, you can get help from the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).  You can also contact a PPI claim service provider such as MisSoldPPIClaimsCo who will help you to get back your money and deal with the whole the matter on your behalf. These service providers consist of some of the best law professional experts.

Furthermore with judicial review of the PPI policy there is no reason to delay your compensation. The High Court has ruled out the plea of British Bankers’ Association (BBA) and spelled out that the guidelines of FSA (Financial Service Authority) and FOS (Financial Ombudsman Service) as correct.

According to the guidelines laid by the FSA and FOS and the orders set out by the High Court the banks have to consider paying compensation for all the old mis-sold PPI policies to the customers without any delay. Therefore, if you have been fooled by the banks and mis-sold to with PPI you have every reason to smile now.